Scholastic Metaphysics - An Outline    FREE Download

A Cursory Look At The Role Of The Devil And Demons In The Subject Of Human Temptation And Sin   $1.00

Guardian Angels - As Understood In The Early Patristic Period $1.00

The Sons Of God In Genesis 6:1-4 $1.00

A Cursory Examination Of The Meaning Of The Concepts Of Potency & Act Primarily From Selected Works Of Aristotle

Paranormal Indiana: Being a Guidebook to Ghosts, Monsters, UFOs and other Folklore of the Hoosier State

A Definitive Guide to Women’s Leadership and Teaching Roles within the Catholic & Protestant Churches   $3.00

For Him: Biblical Imperatives For A Successful Marriage $1.00

For Her: Biblical Imperatives For A Successful Marriage $1.00

The Reality Of The Demonic In The Judaeo-Christin Worldview - COMING SOON

Reincarnation: A Satanic Delusion - COMING SOON

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