If you or members of your church or organization desires to have a presentation (sermon or PowerPoint) on one of the topics covered by the Theology Council (see the LIBRARY section) please feel free to contact us.

For supply preaching the cost is:
$225.00 per sermon or presentation.
$50.00 per additional worship service, same sermon.
10% of total price is returned to the hosting church as a tithe.
If the hosting organization is not a church then the speaker retains the tithe.
If a speaking location is more than 15 minutes from Caldwell, OH the speaker's travel expenses will be added to the price.

If you have a theological, historical or moral quandary you would like resolved but lack the skills necessary to work with the original Hebrew, Greek or Latin contact the Theology Council for research pricing.

The Theology Council provides guided tours of areas of historical and / or alleged paranormal interest in the southeastern Ohio area.  Contact us for tour rates.

If you are in the southeastern Ohio area and are experiencing preternatural or paranormal phenomena and would like the Theology Council to investigate please contact us.
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